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Hello, my name is Raul Davalos. Since 2012, I have been committed towards redefining the definition of service for the auto hail repair industry. With over 25 years experience in customer relations and automotive service, I have dedicated myself towards one thing–satisfied customers. As a father of 2 Air Force service-members, I am proud to say that oberserving my children put service before self has inspired me towards excellence in everything I do. Whether you have no idea what to expect with regard to filing a claim with your insurance company, or simply need someone to perform the hail damage repair on your vehicle, we're here to help. Feel free to schedule an appointment or contact us at anytime to learn more about the auto hail repair process.

Mission statement – To redefine the definition of service in the auto hail repair industry, in order to improve customer satisfaction and alleviate the stressors involved with hail storms.

Recent testimonials:

"Everyone feels skeptical when their going to have their cars repaired for hail damaged by a company who your insurance doesn't know anything about. You feel like it could be a scam or receive bad work. Well let me tell you something with 30 years experience in the car industry I know when a job is a bad job and when a job is a good job. The guys I chose were not only honest and fair but efficient. My wife's car looks like it just came off the show room floor! Unbelievable!!! If anyone of you have any hail damage I URGE you to seek these guys."- Buddy M.

"Amazing!! Being a female and not knowing wether I was gonna get my eyes poked out or pay a ridiculous amount but I can say I spoke with Raul and he helped me out tremendously! It was done in a reasonable Amount of time. I didn't pay nothing out of pocket like he promised. He was amazing god forbid if I'm in this situation again I'll most definitely ask for Raul again!"- Destiny L.


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Still not sure what to expect during the auto hail repair process? That is perfectly normal. Please feel free to explore the overview page of our website to learn more as to what to expect.